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Collaborative Law


While traditional litigation focuses on positions and “winning,” the collaborative process gives you and your family the opportunity to engage in goal-oriented discussions that resolve your case with a level of dignity that is often lost in traditional cases.  In a collaborative case, the end game is a resolution that works for the family unit as a whole; it is not premised on each person trying to “win” or come out on top.  Under this theory, the whole family is successful.

Collaborative Law is often a good fit for cases that may require a more in-depth consideration of your family’s unique needs or circumstances, either because of the nature or quantity of your assets or the needs of your children and family. 

In a traditional Collaborative Law case,  each person is represented by a collaboratively trained attorney.  Both you and your spouse commit to resolving the case outside of court.  Often, in order to reach comprehensive agreements, parties engage other neutral professionals, which may include a financial expert, parenting experts, and a neutral facilitator to assist with the collaborative meetings.  These experts are not required, but may assist the parties in reaching a mutual understanding regarding their finances and parenting goals.

Overall, the goal of Collaborative Law is to resolve your divorce peacefully and in a way that allows you to maintain a cordial relationship with your ex-spouse moving forward.

At GEM Family Law, our attorneys use the skills that they have developed in their collaborative practice to assist clients in reaching resolution both in the formal collaborative model as well as within the context of traditional litigation.  Our attorneys have seen, time and time again, that reducing the level of conflict in your case is better for your family as a whole, and especially so for your children.  

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