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Megan Courtney

Megan e.



Portrait photo of Megan E. Courtney
Megan is an experienced attorney, having practiced law since 2010. She is passionate about protecting the rights of family law clients across Colorado and has years of invaluable experience in bankruptcy, financial planning, small business law, and family law. Megan’s unique background sets her apart from the vast majority of legal professionals working in the field of family law. 

Megan believes that focusing on the unique goals of each individual client is of the utmost importance, and consistently strives to ensure that clients view the attorney-client relationship as a positive, empowering experience, rather than a stressful and necessary evil.

Megan has also experienced divorce from the perspective of the child. Having personal experience with living through divorce, Megan approaches her cases, especially those involving children, with compassion and with the understanding that a child’s physical and mental health is a priority.

Megan’s previous work in the financial services industry has prepared her to address the intricate way finances play a role in family law cases. Her experience enables her to anticipate the needs and concerns of clients facing the considerable financial implications related to their dissolution of marriage and the division of the marital estate.

Whether your case entails intricate property considerations or complex parenting-time related issues, Megan prioritizes personalized service, focusing her efforts to be as efficient and creative to ensure that clients feel protected and understood.