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Billing & Rates

Billing & Rates

GEM Family Law understands that hiring an attorney is a financial commitment that no one wants to enter into. We also believe that your case deserves to be heard.  As such, we tailor our fee structure to meet the individual needs of each case and handle each family matter as efficiently as possible, given your family’s unique legal situation.

Fees and rates involved in trying a domestic case are typically incurred in the following ways:

  • free consultation 
  • general legal representation
  • unbundled legal services
  • mediation 

Free consultation

Our free consultation is an opportunity for a potential client to meet with the attorney, ask general questions, and determine if representation may be appropriate. This initial consultation does not establish a client-attorney relationship. Free consultations, up to an hour in length, are happily offered to potential clients at GEM Family Law. The more we know about your case prior to this initial consultation, the more efficiently we can use our time together. As such, we recommend taking the time to submit your case details before our scheduled meeting.

general legal representation

Gebhardt Emerson Moodie Bonanno, LLC provides legal services at an hourly rate. Research or support services performed by law clerks, legal assistants, or paralegals are charged at a lower rate but also on an hourly basis. Retainers are required in each case and will vary depending on the a number of factors.  These may include (but are not limited to) a case’s complexity, estimated time commitment and effort, whether a hearing is already scheduled and imminent, and its location.

GEM Family Law allows the client to choose a lower “sustaining” retainer, where the client is required to keep the initial retainer amount in the client’s trust account throughout the pendency of the case. This allows us to take cases with a lower retainer than many law firms in the Denver Metro area.

unbundled legal services

GEM Family Law can accommodate cases where clients want to retain an attorney on a limited basis at a lower retainer or a flat fee. To determine the retainer and/or fee required for unbundled services, schedule a meeting with us today.


Mediation can often assist families going through legal matters resolve their issues without litigation. This less adversarial route oftentimes resolves family law matters more satisfactorily for both parties and allows for less conflict than litigation. GEM Family Law offers mediation services at an hourly rate, and the fee is due at the completion of mediation. Costs of mediation are generally split equally between the parties, unless a different agreement is reached before the mediation.