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Non-Traditional Families


Common Law Marriages, Same-Sex Divorces, and Dissolution of Civil Unions

If you are in a non-traditional family, our attorneys understand and are seasoned in the complexities associated with the end of your relationship.  While this area of the law is still evolving, you may have rights with respect to property division, spousal support, parenting time, and child support.  At GEM Family Law, we remain at the forefront of the conversation surrounding the development of these areas of law and are seasoned in representing common law and same-sex couples in resolving the end of their relationships.


Parenting-related family law matters are not limited to those involving biological mothers and fathers.  Oftentimes, divorces, the dissolution of civil unions, or allocation of parental responsibility actions give rise to your need to intervene or participate in a court case.  You may be a grandparent seeking visitation with your grandchildren, a stepparent desirous of having visitation rights with your stepchildren, a foster or adoptive parent, or a LGBTQ parent seeking rights to spend time with your child or an important child who has been a significant part of your life. 

At GEM Family Law, we have extensive experience with non-traditional families and understand and support the importance of your role in your family unit.  We are committed to working with you to ensure that your family is protected. 

Whether you are a special respondent in a Dependency & Neglect case, an intervening family member, the initiator of a case seeking visitation rights, or a parent defending against a claim for visitation rights, we are here to guide you through the process of resolving your case.

Our experience with non-traditional families includes:

  • Same-sex divorces and parenting time
  • Transgender divorces and parenting time
  • Common Law Divorces
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Stepparent and Psychological Parent Rights and Visitation
  • Adult Adoption