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Divorce is one of the most difficult times that you and your family members will face.

While at other firms, a divorce lawyer may treat you like another case file, at GEM Family Law, you are a respected partner in the process.  Our seasoned legal team is prepared to tackle the challenges that you will face over the course of your divorce.  Whether you need an attorney to help you amicably resolve a case involving a high-net-worth estate or advocate for you in a contentious custody case, our attorneys are prepared to help you.

Our experienced team is prepared to guide you through this difficult time. We make it our mission to help you achieve the results that your family needs by helping you make informed decisions concerning the financial, child custody and personal implications and issues involved your divorce.  At GEM Family Law, we know that your case is as unique as your family, and we will handle your case with the care and focus that it deserves.