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Child and Family Investigator


When divorce and separation cases involve children, conflict can be high. While custody arrangements may be easily agreed upon in some cases, others may require the involvement of a Child & Family Investigator (CFI). A CFI is appointed by the court to investigate, report, and make recommendations regarding the child(ren)’s best interests. The parties may agree to appoint a CFI, or the court can decide to appoint one on it’s own.

CFI’s are usually attorneys or mental health professionals, who are trained in family law matters and child development. They are independent neutral third parties, so they do not represent either parent, nor do they represent your child(ren). They are strictly tasked with investigating and making recommendations regarding the best interests of your child(ren).

All three partners at GEM Family Law are trained as Child & Family Investigators. Our attorneys can either be appointed as CFIs in cases where we do not represent one of the parties, or, if you are a client of GEM Family Law, you have the benefit of our training as CFIs.  We are also familiar with the CFIs used in many cases and can work with you to choose the CFI that may be the best fit for your case.