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Child Custody

CHILD CUSTODY/allocation of parental responsibilities IN DENVER, CO

Your children are your highest priority, and legal issues regarding children can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself needing to establish a parenting plan, you will need to address your desired allocation of responsibility for decisions regarding your children as well as a parenting schedule.  In Colorado, the standard that the court considers is the best interests of the child(ren) standard.  

Oftentimes, while parents share the mutual desire for a plan that is best for their child(ren) and gives them the greatest chance of success, they may disagree what will enable their family to achieve that goal.  The court may appoint either a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) or a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE) in order to gather more information about your family. 

The process of establishing a parenting plan can feel arduous.  All three of the founding partners of GEM Family Law have been trained as Child and Family Investigators, have litigated numerous parental responsibilities cases in court and have also assisted parents to reach resolution on these matters outside of a courtroom.  Whether your case involves complex parenting dynamics and family needs, or whether your family simply needs expert advice as to the logistics of a parenting plan, our attorneys are prepared to guide you through the process, from beginning to end